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  • 9 Reasons Why Wigs are a Girls BFF

    Ladies love their wigs. They’re essentially their BFFs. But why do women wear wigs? Here are 9 reasons why we wear wigs and why they’ll forever be our BFFs.
  • The Best Way to Blend Hair Extensions with Short Hair

    How many times have you received beautiful new hair extensions, quickly installed them and then realized you have no idea how to make them look flawless. The hair perfectly matches your texture & you’ve followed your favorite Youtube Guru’s advice down to the T - but its still not happening! ...
  • What you should know before you install that Hair!

    Raw hair on the other hand costs a lot to produce. The raw hair bought from temples is very expensive. This hair is more difficult to sell because as mentioned above, most people think that "Brazilian" chinese hair is the standard. Also its price is much higher so most people tend to go towards "Grade Hair". Usually, this hair is geared for connoisseurs and higher end clients.