The best hair tips on  way to Blend Hair Extensions with Short Hair

The Best Way to Blend Hair Extensions with Short Hair

How many times have you received beautiful new hair extensions, quickly installed them and then realized you have no idea how to make them look flawless. The hair perfectly matches your texture & you’ve followed your favorite Youtube Guru’s advice down to the T - but its still not happening! This is a huge problem that women with short hair experience. We’re going to uncover top salon secrets on how you can blend short hair with extensions.


Mixing techniques

Mixing hair extensions technique for your virgin hair extensions with SL RAW VIrgin HAir

Sometimes one hair extension method doesn’t fit all - especially if you have short hair. We’ve found that a combination of a traditional sew-in install mixed with micro links in the leave out section can work well together. If you're worried about your leave out section being to short or damaged then another idea would be to mix hair bundles with a lace closure.



Choosing the right hair color for your hair extension

A great colour match between your hair extensions and your natural hair play a major role in blending. If you're unable to do this then using highlighted hair can help to draw attention away from the harsh contrast.


Cut & Texture

Cut and Texture you hair extension for the perfect blending tips


The cut and texture of your hair play a big role in the illusion hair extensions provide. We’ve found that wavy bobs, even with a shag cut, can help to create texture and give off a young care free expression. There’s so much emphasis on having our hair lay flat, but sexy hair is full of body - give it a try and see how much easier it is to blend your hair extensions with your natural hair.


Ladies, don’t get to caught up on blending, because it doesn't have to be an issue. Follow our three steps and get back to focusing on looking & feeling great about you.


Written by Simone Jones

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