What you should know before you install that Hair!

What you should know before you install that Hair!

Everyone is always contacting us in regards of the difference of Hair Types, so we put together this list to help:

“Grade Hair" which is steam-processed hair from Chinese factories has flooded the market to a point that most ladies now think that it is real virgin hair.

Real Virgin Hair has to be 100% unprocessed such as Raw Hair to deserve the right to be called "Virgin".

Remy Hair is not a hair type but some assume it is, as this is the process the hair goes through to align all follicles inline on the weft. Helping the hair from tangling.

Double drawn hair is a more expensive because of its process, usually done with quality premium hair with a much thicker density and no stringy fly away ends.

Hand tied wefts are even more expensive than Double Drawn because of its meticulous process. It’s the finest weft in the market and lays flat to the base. However, this hair doesn’t have great density and will require more bundles which will cost you a grip for a traditional weave application.

Usually "Grade Hair" material used to create bundles is of much lower quality than Raw Hair material BUT Chinese factories have found ways to make it into "good hair" by using multiple processes. The processes make the hair extra shiny and sleek soft, which now people think is a factor determining the quality of the hair but real raw hair has texture and low lust (healthy hair sheen).

The major advantage of this hair is that is it cheap to produce so it can be sold at low cost. I like to call it the "Money Hair" as this is the hair you can buy for cheap and sell for cheap while making good profit. It is hair that is easy to sell because of its low price.

Raw hair on the other hand costs a lot to produce. The raw hair bought from temples is very expensive. This hair is more difficult to sell because as mentioned above, most people think that "Brazilian" chinese hair is the standard. Also its price is much higher so most people tend to go towards "Grade Hair". Usually, this hair is geared for connoisseurs and higher end clients.

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