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Extend the Life of Your Hair Extensions: 7 Essential Care Tips

Jun 16, 2024 SL Raw Virgin Hair

Discover 7 essential care tips to make your hair extensions last longer. Simple steps you can easily add to your daily routine for beautiful, long-lasting extensions.

I-Tips vs Microlinks – Everything You Need to Know Before You Put In Microlink Hair Extensions

Jun 12, 2024 SL Raw Virgin Hair

[ 2024 Updated ] I-Tips vs Microlinks? Which should you choose? If you’re planning on installing either, here’s everything you need to know before you put in microlink hair extensions.

Finding the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Face Shape: [2024 Edition]

Jun 10, 2024 SL Raw Virgin Hair

Do you know which part suits the shape of your face? Learn the 6 face shapes and how to part your hair (or wig) to fit your face.

Discover the Elegance of SL Raw Natural Wavy Hair Extensions

Jun 06, 2024 SL Raw Virgin Hair

Discover the ultimate in luxury with SL Raw Natural Wavy Hair Extensions. This blog details care tips, installation methods, and customer testimonials.

Top 17 Braided Hairstyles Using Hair Extensions

Jun 02, 2024 SL Raw Virgin Hair

Get the latest in braided hairstyles with our expert guide. Explore trending styles, detailed how-tos, and product recommendations to help you achieve stunning looks with ease.

Find Your Perfect Wig: Tips for Wearing Wigs Behind the Hairline

May 28, 2024 SL Raw Virgin Hair

Learn the benefits of wearing wigs behind the hairline with our expert guide. Explore versatile styles, best practices, and top-quality wigs to achieve a flawless look effortlessly.

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DIY Guide: Create Your Own Clip-In Hair Extensions at Home (Step-by-Step)

Women prepping for hair weaving service. Sew-in weave blog on what hair method

Sew-in weaves versus micro-links. Which hair extension method is better?

Influencer Dora Owusu

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Why Raw Hair Extensions: 10 Reasons to try Hair Extensions 

Ladies love their hair extensions for adding texture, length, and volume. Extensions are essentially their BFFs. But why do women wear hair extensions? Here are 10 reasons why we wear weaves and why they’ll forever be our BFFs.

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