Our Mission 

 is to revolutionize the beauty industry by promoting natural-looking hairstyles and healthy hair care practices. We achieve this by educating weave enthusiasts about the proper use of premium virgin hair extensions through our informative blogs. Our goal is to empower professional women by providing them with authentic virgin human hair extensions that not only enrich their natural beauty but also boost their confidence, enabling them to command any room.

We Are SL Raw Virgin Hair 

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Founded in 2009 by celebrity hairstylist, inventor and entrepreneur, LeAna McKnight, SL Raw Virgin Hair was born after LeAna saw a gap in the wigs and extensions market based on her experience with her clients. She noticed that customers were wasting a lot of money on extensions that were low quality, while claiming to be human hair. LeAna sought to change that with the launch of SL Raw Virgin Hair –one of the few hair companies that produces its own premium hair extensions at source.

LeAna originally began selling the brand locally out of her salon in Houston and spent countless time and money testing out different hair until she found the best of the best. Eventually, LeAna left Houston for Los Angeles to pursue celebrity hairstyling. She was extremely passionate about the mission behind SL Raw Virgin Hair, leading her to eventually expand the brand to an online store in 2017, so she could share her products with a global consumer market. Since then, her self-made brand has become the go-to source for quality, yet attainable hair extensions including Keratin I-Tip extensions (the hair that is used for micro link installs & fusions) wigs, wefts and more! It’s been featured in top tier publications such as ELLE, Naturally Curly, PopSugar, InStyle, Women’s Health and won an Essence 2022 Best in Black Beauty Award for its Kinky Curly I-Tips.

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 Inspiring Beauty and Building Futures. We're more than just a purveyor of world-class hair extensions. We're a pillar of strength in our community, an advocate for the young women who will shape the future. We believe in the power of giving, the impact of mentorship, and the transformative power of authentic beauty.

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“We are transparent with our customers, always prioritizing excellent service because we understand the trust you place in us. We are more than just a brand, we're your partner in beauty and life."”

Founder LeAna McKnight

Amanda Mitchell Review

"I've never been lead astray by SL Raw Virgin Hair — everything about it is giving easy to use, high-quality, and realistic."


Blake Newby Review

"These SL Raw Virgin Hair bundles is a 10/10... Like, how? Still my favorite hair!"


Nerisha Penrose Review

"I love y'all ♥️. BEST LONG-LASTING SL Raw Virgin Hair SL Raw Natural Wavy Hair"


100% Human Hair, Never Fake!

SL Raw Virgin Hair® is an award-winning, luxury human hair extension brand, dedicated to providing quality yet attainable hair extensions for the everyday consumer.

More About Us  

SL Raw Virgin Hair is ethically sourced from donors in India and Southeast Asia. The Raw Hair Collection has never been processed or altered and has undergone a lifetime of careful grooming using traditional natural herbal oils. Each unique piece of hair has been customized for customers’ needs and handcrafted with a machine weft to allow for minimum shedding and matting. The company prides itself in being 100% transparent about where the hair comes from and how the hair is sourced. This transparency has built complete trust and loyalty from the SL Raw Virgin Hair customer.

Continues to raise the bar, see how. SL Raw Virgin Hair saw exponential growth amid the pandemic, due to the increase in online shopping. To keep up with the demand, LeAna and her husband personally dropped off all orders at the post office, to ensure they continued the great customer service the company continues to be known for. This dedication only helped to propel the brand forward to where it stands today as one of the first luxury hair extension brands backed by a licensed hairstylist offering 100% transparency, premium hair and quality service.