What's the Hype Behind Virgin Hair Extensions (Hair Goals)? Blonde Hair women with Beach Waver

What's the Hype Behind Virgin Hair (Hair Goals)?

Every woman strives for the utmost beauty when it comes to the look of their hair. Long, thick, healthy, and shiny hair are just some of the hair goals we all desire to achieve. Many hair care products and special lines are designed just for that – help women maintain and achieve the best look of their hair.

However, sometimes these things just don't work. Genetics, hormones, and the entire health of the body can contribute to the look of the hair. That is why the hair industry has found many different solutions in dealing with various hair problems. From hair extensions to different hair botox treatments, there is everything for anyone out there on the market, depending on their budget.

The latest trends in the hair industry, as well as in the beauty department too, put a significant influence on promoting the natural look. This means that although you might not be gifted with lashes or hair as you like, the artificial solutions are welcome but the final result should be natural-looking one. The same goes for hair – the more it looks like your natural one, no one will notice whether you have extensions, lace front wig, etc.


One of the choices that present most natural-looking hair is virgin hair. So, what is the fuss about it, and why everyone looks for virgin hair?


What is virgin hair?

In the simplest ways, the term “virgin hair” means “pure hair”. Virgin hair is clean, chemical-free hair, that has never been subject to any hair treatments like dyeing, bleaching, perms, etc. Most basically, it is hair in its most natural form, uninfluenced by anything that might have changed her quality and condition. In the hair industry, it is considered as the one with the highest quality. Because of its quality and perfect way of blending with the other hair, virgin hair is very demanded around the world and this demand automatically puts a high price on it.


What makes the virgin hair the best?

The hair, in its purest form, is strong and healthy. The virgin hair comes from hair that has never been put under treatments that involve chemicals and that could damage it. With this, the virgin hair extensions become long-lasting and strong. Another great thing that makes it great is the possibility to style the virgin hair extensions in any way and color it too. This, however, is not possible with synthetic and the non-virgin hair.

Common misunderstanding: virgin and Remy hair

There is a common misconception when it comes to virgin and Remy hair. As mentioned above, virgin hair is untreated and natural hair that can be used for virgin hair extensions. Remy hair is hair where all its cuticles are intact, goes in the same direction, and is also untreated. The cuticles in one direction are something that cannot be matched in terms of a natural look. That is why the combination of Virgin Remy hair is the best one.

So, if you are thinking of making something different with your hair, extend its length or add some volume, the best option is to go for Virgin Hair extensions and leave the rest to us – SL Raw Virgin Hair. Our experts will lead you through the entire process and suggest the best way on how to keep the quality of your virgin hair at the highest possible level. Invest in your hair and in you look and get the hair that you have always wanted – long, thick, and healthy.


Written by Maja Krdzic

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