How to part your hair according to your face shape

How to part your hair according to your face shape

Have you ever done a side part and thought, nah that just doesn’t look right? Perhaps it was a middle part for you and the photograph just was not flattering at all. 

But then, when you tried a different type of part, your hairstyle looked phenomenal?

That’s because you ended up parting your hair according to your face shape.

When done right, your part can lead to an extremely flattering hairstyle.

So, here are a few things to consider so you can part your hair according to your face shape. 

Types of face shapes

To find the perfect part for your face shape, you need to understand what shape you have. Here are 6 of the more popular face shapes.


Face shape chart to guide you on the right hairstyle by SL Raw Virgin Hair

  • Round
  • Heart shaped
  • Square
  • Diamond
  • Oval 
  • Oblong


Now, let’s get into the types of parts that best complements your face shape.

How to part your hair according to your face shape

1. Hair parts for a round shaped face

If you have a round shaped face, then your best bet is to make a middle part. Or you could do a deep side part. The benefit of both these parts is that they give the illusion of lengthening your face. This creates a sort of symmetry around your face. The deep side part adds volume to the top of your head that makes your face seem a bit longer.

A great example of this in a wig would be our lovely Shai, an 18” kinky straight lace closure wig with a center part. 


Beautiful kinky straight wig for black women



2. Heart shaped face hair parts

When you have a heart-shaped face, you’ll need to get a hairstyle that softens your cheekbones and breaks up the chin line. The best style with a part that does both is slightly off center - a deep side part.  

3. Square face hair parts

When you have a square face, you might want to add a bit of softness to your jawline and chin. You can achieve this with a swoop or side-swept part with bangs. You can also consider a side part that gently frames the face. 

For example, Diamond, our 20” natural wavy lace front wig with a side part and side-swept lay would meet all the criteria for adding softness to a square face shape. 


4. Best hair part for a diamond shaped face

Bangs will not work well with a diamond face. However, a side part (and shorter hairstyles) really highlights the beauty of your face as it perfectly complements your cheekbones. 

5. Hair parts for an oval face

If your face is oval shaped, you’ve got the luck of the draw. Just about any part sits well with that shape. So, wear the look you like whether it’s a middle part, side-swept style or a deep part. So, try them out and see which one you like.

6. Best hair part for oblong face shape

A side part with the hair gently swooping across the forehead does well with an oblong face as it gives the illusion of softness and rounds out your face. You can also get away with bangs for the same reason and the fact that they help to shorten the shape of your face.

So, if you’ve been rocking the same hairstyle or wig style for years, why not see what works best for your face shape and give that style a try. 

SL Raw Pro Tip: The same goes for your wigs as well. So, next time you order a wig, check how it’s parted if it’s a lace frontal, and select one that best suits the shape of your face.

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