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Top TikTok Hair Hacks Every Curly Girl Needs to Know

We all know the feeling of waking up with a head full of static hair.

You can try all the products in the world, but sometimes nothing seems to tame your flyaways.

But did you know that there's a new TikTok hack for that? And it involves something you probably already have in your kitchen: a pasta strainer.

Yep, that's right.

If you diffuse your hair with a pasta strainer, you can get rid of static and achieve softer, shinier locks.

So next time you're feeling frustrated with your hair, grab a pasta strainer and give this hair trick a try.




It's a common problem: you want to style your curly hair but don't have a diffuser. While the situation can seem daunting or hopeless, there is an easy method for controlling frizz and maintaining those curls even without a diffuser.

This method comes in the form of a Tiktok hair hack using a simple pasta strainer! By using this heat-resistant tool with your blow dryer, it allows the air to evenly disperse and condition your hair while keeping those coveted ringlets in place.

You'll be amazed at how quickly this method tames frizz and locks in curls without any special equipment or laborious efforts.

Who knew that something as simple as a pasta strainer could make all the difference?


@foxcraftcustom I can’t tell the difference between genius and crazy anymore lol #wavyhairtips #hairhacks #plopping #hairproblems #diffusecurlyhair #foxcraftcustom ♬ original sound - Taylor Dean


Swing all your hair forward directing all your tresses

Are you curious about how to obtain those fabulous curls like the ones on TikTok?

Here's your guide!

To achieve your hair goals quickly and easily, all you need is a hair strainer plus any quality blow dryer; I personally prefer the FHI Blow Dryer Set, I'll be sure to link it in this article.

To begin, swing all your hair forward and direct it inside the strainer so the curls follow the shape of the strainer. Then turn on your blow dryer to medium heat while keeping a safe distance, use it to create airflow which will help to define your curls even more.

This is an easy and low-cost way to get beautiful curls that look as if they could be right out of one of those Tiktok viral videos!




For curly-haired women, the pasta strainer can be a tempting, quick solution to curly hair woes.

However, it’s best not to turn to this emergency hack too often; regular use of a pasta strainer in place of an actual blow-dry diffuser can damage curly strands over time.

A better and longer-lasting decision is investing in a proper Hair Dryer Diffuser - they come in all sorts of sizes and types and are worth their weight in gold when curly tresses are concerned!


When you're done, remove your hair

After taking the strain off of your curls, you'll bask in their beauty. You can use some finishing products like PM Super Skinny serum or Biosilk serum to give your curls a smooth finish and make them look more hydrated. Your curls will look luscious and full of life, no longer weighed down by tangles or knots.

Let your natural-born curls lay down, unburdened from an afternoon spent styling. Frizz-free and defined - these are the curls you were born with and now it's about time for them to get their due recognition!





If you're in a pinch and don't have a diffuser for your blow dryer, this quick and easy hair hack using a pasta strainer will save the day.

Just be sure to keep the blow dryer at a safe distance so you don't end up with heat damage. When you're done, you'll have defined curls that are frizz-free. Have you tried this hack before? Let us know in the comments below!

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