Top 5 Short Sew-in Weave Hairstyles

Top 5 Short Sew-in Weave Hairstyles

Want to rock a short hairstyle for the summer but don’t want to cut your own hair? Here are some quick suggestions for sew-in weaves you can sport this summer.

The beauty is that you’ll protect your natural hair, the sew-in limits damage, and you get to have fun rocking that short length all summer long. We recommend that you try these styles with 100% virgin hair weaves for the best results. They’ll last longer and allow you to care and style your weave better.

So, here’s our top 5 pick for the summer.

1. The Kelly's cut sew-in weave hairstyle


Kelly cut blog post summer hair cuts

Hairstylist @razorchicofatlantasalon
at Razor Chic of Atlanta Salon


One of our favorite the Kelly Cut. Which was named by top hairstylist @Najaonhair – the aptly named Kelly’s cut. The Kelly Cut has can be worn as quick weave or sew in but popular on real hair ladies with relaxed hair. It's short, and layered cut which tapers to the back, almost like a tail. You can make it with or without the tail.

Try it out with one of our SL Raw weaves and tag us #MySlrawvirginhair on IG #KellyCut #Kellycutchallenge.


2. Razor cut bob sew-in weave hairstyles

razor bob hair cut blog post summer hair looks

Another one of our favorite short sew-in weave hairstyles is the razor cut bob. This is one of the more technical styles. Depending on the strokes of the razor you can get a graduated field, or a layered field or a blunt line. Then go through with a scissors for a nice blunt look to refine the end of the bob.

Be bold in your bob sew-in hairstyle for the summer.


3. The lob cut sew-in weave hairstyles

Lob hair cut summer hairstyle trend blog

Hairstylist @my_heavelyhair
at looking glass salon & dry bar 

Transform your look with a Lob cut. This is a long bob – like a shoulder-length bob. You can style it with a striking middle part or a daring side part as part of the long-angled bob style. With 100% virgin hair, you can get a sleek final look with this lob cut sew-in weave.


4. The curly shoulder-length sew-in weave hairstyles

shoulder length curly hair style

Not too long, not too short – just the right length. That’s the curly shoulder-length sew-in weave. You have endless possibilities for styling and just being creative with your hair without worrying about it being too hot. It’s long enough for numerous styling and just short enough that it won’t stress you out.


5. The shag sew-in weave hairstyles

shag hair cut styles

Photo cred: @Jessealexandre

Rounding out our top 5 short weave list is the messy yet beautiful shag. As another quick weave hairstyle, it’s also perfect for your summer look. You’ll love the way this style frames your face and cheekbones. The short shag hairstyle can be done in a variety of ways, from a pixie-type cut to a cute layered or polished look. It’s that versatile.

Get that short, sexy, sassy look with the shag sew-in.

So, now that you know the popular short sew-in weave hairstyles, which one are you going to choose for the summer? The sleek and beautiful shoulder length hairstyles or the chic and sassy shorter sew-ins?

Once you’ve decided, head on over to the SL Raw Virgin Hair Collection and choose your next best friend (aka your sew-in weave) for the summer.


Written by:

Yvette J Haughton

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