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Top 5 Hair Extension Install Trends for 2021

So, if you’re like a lot of ladies these past few months, you’ve made some serious choices about new hairstyles over this quarantine.

Now, you’re looking for more, and it’s like a way of saying I’m back, baby. Or quarantine’s done, here’s the new me.

So, if you’re in the mood for a little inspiration for your next hair extension, then let’s look at the top 5 hair extension install trends of 2021 thus far. 

You will not believe what made it to #4.

1. The Metowi Method using weft hair

When we think of micro-links, we often think of a i-tip micro-link extension install. Not with this method.

The Metowi Method is a hair installation process that uses micro-links to install weft hair. This means you won’t need glue or thread to get that weft down. 

It’s ideal for naturally curly hair though you will need to do a silk press prior to installation. For maintenance, you’ll need to have a silk press service done every two weeks and tightening of the micro-links every 4-6 weeks.


2. Pronto weave using weft hair

Also known as a quick weave, the Pronto method is a fast way to install a weave. 

Quick weaves are loved by ladies on the go like (Toya Carter) especially those who may not have 4 hours to get to a hairstylist or to do their weaves. The Pronto weave can be done in as little as 1.5 hours, even less. 

Quick weaves often get a bad rap. But if you’re careful and do it right, then this pronto weave will soon become a staple in your 2021 hairstyle list.

A pronto weave is a weaving method where you glue your hair extension wefts directly onto the protective cap. So, first thing is to braid down your hair in plaits or cornrows. Then fit your protective cap to protect your hair and scalp from the glue. You can sew the edges to hold the cap in place. 

Next, measure, cut, and install the hair wefts, gluing them to the cap. You’ll need to blow dry or air dry the wefts to ensure they are applied properly. And that’s it – a weave in less than 2 hours.

3. Micro links using Keratin i-tips

Another favorite hair extension install for 2021 is micro-links using keratin I-tips. I-tip extensions for Black hair are a great way to add length and volume to your own hair or fill in unwanted spaces. 

The keratin tips come pre-tipped, having been dipped in protein wax. They can be installed two different ways, one being bonded to your hair using a heated tool or our favorite using copper cylinder beads to attach your hair and the I-tip. For the best results, it’s important to have a professional install and remove keratin I-tips.


4. Back to basics - Traditional Sew-in

Women are going back to the basics of “Traditional Sew-in.” It’s a tried, proven, and trusted style that has certainly made its way back into the top styles for Black hair for 2021, even for some Caucasian and Latino women who are also exploring the sew-in route. 

This involves braiding your natural hair down with some of your hair left out to cover the tracks. Then, it’s time to sew in the weft tracks using high-quality human hair extensions with needle and weaving thread.

5. Brazilian Knotting using Keratin i-tips hair

Rounding out our top 5 hair extension trends for 2021 is the Brazilian Knot hair extensions using Keratin i-tips hair. 

This is a strand-by-strand hair extension method that allows full access to your scalp and hair styling. There are no restrictions about how much hair to use for each strand, so your volume possibilities are endless. 

This method uses a special elastic string that requires no glue or heat to install. 

Ladies love this style because of its flexibility, and this flexibility increases using keratin hair tips to control how many extensions you add to your hair.

Ready to try one of these top 5 hair extension styles of 2021? You can get started right now with hair extensions from the SL Raw Virgin Hair micro-link i-tip collection. So, if you’re looking for Keratin I-tips for your next Micro link or Brazilian Knotting service, browse our I-Tips hair collection.

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I liked that you said how weft hairs are the trend right now. My sister wants to get new extensions. I’ll help her find some that fit her style.

Taylor Hansen

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