Get easy hair hacks and hair tips on how to fill in unwanted spaces on thin hair

How to Safely Fill in Unwanted Spaces with I-Tips/Micro Links

Can you fill in unwanted spaces with i-tips micro links extensions without it looking obvious?

Yes, you can.

It can be quite annoying and sometimes a bit embarrassing to know that you have thinning or breaking hair. But you like wearing your hair out (whether it’s in the natural state or relaxed). And you’re worried about extensions being highly visible as they can be, clearly showing up that you are in fact wearing extensions.

But that’s not something you need to worry about with micro links.

These i-tips extension beauties are a hair lover’s dream when it comes to filling in spaces in your hair that may come from chemical damage leading to breaking, thinning, or just having fine hair.


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What are micro link extensions?

Micro links are extensions that use small beads that attach the extensions to your hair. It involves looping on a micro bead just below the root of your hair, inserting an i-tip extension into the bead, and then clamping the bead to secure the i-tip to your hair. The clamping of the hair makes sure the hair stays in place without glue or sew-ins.

When done by a professional or if you get enough practice in, these extensions are virtually undetectable. And they give a full and more balanced look to areas that are thinning or low on hair.


Filling in gaps with I-tip micro-links extensions

Micro-link extensions for fine, thin hair is a safer approach to covering up thin and breaking areas – if you do it properly. And it’s best that micro link extensions are applied strand by strand to sections of hair.

The best way to safely fill in unwanted spaces using i-tips/micro links is to space them out. You’re not trying to do a full head of extensions with this method.

You’re simply identifying the areas that are thin or breaking and adding in extensions in those areas.

Here’s a quick video that shows you how to do this process with no damage to your hair.



 (This is not a full install video, just how to fill in spots with thinning or breaking hair.)



Why micro links works

These extensions are great for persons with thin or fine hair. So, it can work for you if you have thinning, breaking, or bald spots that you’d like to cover. Or you simply want to give your hair a bit more volume and length.

When done by a professional stylist, this extension can last for months with regular adjustments (every six weeks being ideal). These adjustments take into account hair growth and help to prevent matting, which can be an issue no matter the type of long-term extension you put in.

And with good hair care practices, you can prevent any damage that could occur from wearing these extensions.

Now, the beauty of extensions like the ones we carry at SL Raw Virgin Hair is that they can be colored to blend in perfectly with your hair.

And you have options for kinky curly i-tips microlink extensions or kinky straight i-tips microlink extensions that match your hair type.

So, you won’t need to worry about the extensions blending in with your hair.

If you’re having issues with thin or breaking hair, then give this hair extension option a try and see how easy it is to fill in those empty spaces without anyone being the wiser.

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