Beautiful Kinky Straight Blow-out Ponytail hair style

Get the perfect Blow-Out Ponytail for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is here! It is definitely the one day that the couples who are in love absolutely adore. As cliché as it may sound, this is the day when you can commit to your significant other, go on a date, do something that you both enjoy doing, and maybe did not have the time for just the two of you during a regular week.

 There are different options on how you can spend your Valentine's Day, but for the women, the clothes and the hair are the top concern for the best possible look. While we will leave the clothes to you personally, let us help you out with the hair.

 We are sure that you are well aware of the popularity that hair extensions are in the hair industry. The variety of choices and options they provide into making one look more beautiful and unique comes from their different types which are designed for different needs. We at SL Raw Virgin hair understand the need to upgrade your entire hairstyle and routine, and that is why we suggest trying out this super fun cute Kinky Blow-out ponytail. See video 


For Valentine's Day, our pick and focus is the Kinky straight blow out hair, with the focus on how to achieve the perfect Blow-out ponytail. The ponytail hairstyle is a very common and popular choice for women with long or short hair. As it is practical and keeps the hair away from the face, it delivers a neat and polished look. If you are tired of the super-sleek looks, why not try the blow-out ponytail look and explore something new?


This type of look can easily be achieved with one of Brazilian Kinky Straight Blowout Hair bundle. It is specially designed to mimic the look of natural blown-out hair. It is also the perfect option for the perfect blow out ponytail. As it is very easy to style and maintain, your blow-out ponytail will be ready within minutes. Pull your hair back in a bun, wrap wefts around, with a nice brush, go through your bundle and your ready to go. It should be sleek throughout the entire head. When the pony is high up, adjust the volume and the height with your fingers, and voila – you have the perfect blow-out ponytail.


This is a super easy look to achieve, and for more video tutorials on "how-to?" stay tuned to SL Raw Virgin hair.

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