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Who doesn’t like to play with their hair to look fabulous? Your shiny and vibrant hair builds your confidence and self-image. That’s why you’re always in search of that one divine haircut or hair color. But, experimenting with different hair dyes and styling procedures are notorious for drastically damaging your hair. Now the mind-boggling question is; do you want your hair color dimensions to communicate some of the deepest truths about who you are or go through the insufferable journey of handling brittle and damaged hair? Well of course not, thats why we went ahead and gathered up some cool 2020 hair coloring tricks you may want to try or experiment with.

A new season brings with it new trends to showcase your personality by colouring and highlighting your hair. If you’re looking for some tips on self care, get into this hair colour inspo.

Want the ultimate low maintenance, easy to get look, then adding to your roots is the way to go. It not only damage free but gives you that edgy look but is also easily manageable. Use the artist Billie Eilish for example - she's known for her signature lime green roots and black ends. When achieving this look the processing time isn't long at all; since the hair closest to your head processes much faster. Once pale yellow you can go in with a ammonia free color (Manic Panic) to deposit color on roots. Rinse with cool water, condition and you're styling your way out the door.


Lime green hair roots on Billie Eilish


If that's not the speed you were going for, then you might want to read along.

You can also go for a happy medium with a beautiful mocha brown. But wait, you're not looking to chemically change your real hair? Easily purchase you some raw virgin human hair extensions and purchase 20 volume developer with hair powder bleach to slowly lift your hair extensions from its original har colour, once lightly lifted rinse and deposit hair colour - you can mix  Wella 4N/411 - This soft and subtle look inspired by its hassle-free and damage free as it doesn't require any extreme dye job.


Mocha Brown hair tip


But enough with girl-next-door look. Amp up your hair game with something bold and edgy. Latest survey shows that people are booking salon appointments to get that unicorn inspired hair dos. Although colors like lilac, pink, and violet works best with naturally blonde hair but a heart wants what a heart wants. By easily getting a hold of some Pure Blonde Hair Extension bundles you'll be on your way to fantasy hair in no time. Products like Mofajang or Sevích are the most sought out color hair color wax. Not looking for the heavy wax feel, then you might love this one - favorite brands for damage free colors is the hair conditioning color by Overtone. Their deep conditioning formula works best for temporary hair dye.


Purple hair unicorn hair


That’s not all, the balayage game is still going strong this year. This hair colouring technique literally requires the color to be painted with thin or thick strokes of hair bleach on your hair ends or hair extensions. There are plenty of coloring options out there that you can apply with this procedure. This versatile technique is all the rage, even this year.

Be bold and experiment away. Let your hair speak for itself and experiment away with temporary dyes that won’t outstrip your hair for good. You can prevent exposing your locks to potent damaging dye elixirs by using the Damage free hair guide we provided you - with spray dyes, coloring conditioners, and temporary color hair wax. Let the fun begin with gentle, non-toxic options out there. These products are super pigmented and give you a quick new look that goes away with just the first wash. So, throw away your reservations and step up your hair game.


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