Raw Virgin Hair Is The New Go To

Raw Virgin Hair Is The New Go To

Wonder why your favorite Hollywood Actresses look so great on the Red Carpet and Movies Screens? Well we're here to spill all the beans; Raw Indian hair is the number one hair extensions to go to when looking for flawless realistic flowing hair. What exactly is Raw Virgin Hair vs Remy Hair?

Raw hair is textured hair and requires more hair care. It needs to be moisturized and brushed on a regular basis with a paddle brush.  This hair reacts to weather, curls/ waves up when water is present. This hair will last longer than any hair bought from China. Indian Raw Hair is our most luxurious quality. This hair only comes in 3 textures: Straight, Wavy, and Curly which are 100% unprocessed natural textures. No chemicals or anything is ever added to this hair. This is real virgin hair and blends with most African American Hair. 


Remy Hair is 100% human hair with all cuticles intact and aligned. It is different than Raw hair as it comes from multiple donors and it is gently steamed to obtain a better texture. Although Remy hair isn't horrible, it doesn't blend well with most hair textures as it's to silky and not coarse in texture.


If you wanna look like the stars you have buy hair like them. SL Raw Virgin Hair offers you High Quality Raw Virgin Indian Hair in Wavy, Curly, & Lace Closures and Frontals.

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