6 Hot & Trendy Hair Accessories for Fall/Winter 2020

6 Hot & Trendy Hair Accessories for Fall/Winter 2020

Fall 2020 is here. So, you know it’s time to step up our hair accessories game to keep on looking fab no matter the weather.

After all, accessorizing is the fun part of hairstyling. So, let’s take your hair extensions up a notch with some of Falls hottest trends for hair accessories.

With these accessories, you’ll look like a new you every day, and your hairstyles get an updated look and feel.

Our 6 Fall accessory trends


The oversized headband is in

Oversized Headband by Akira

Why not stand out from everyone else wearing long natural wavy tresses with an oversized headband? You’ll quickly transform your gorgeous loc hairstyle with just the addition of this one piece. Find one in your fall color of choice and start enjoying the season.

You can also keep an eye out for embellished headbands for a more unique looking headband accessory.


Bows are always cute

Women fashion hair bows

Rocking a ponytail with our straight or wavy collection? A big bow to the back is a picture-perfect hair accessory for this style. Simple but effective, a bow can be quickly added to your hairstyle. You can rock your bow halfway down your hair or close to the base. Any way you set it, a bow will always look cute.


Bedazzled barrettes

Fashionable bedazzled barettes

Barrettes are an ever-fun addition to any hairstyle. But for 2020, they have taken the fun up a bit more by decking them out in pearls. So, why don’t you nip back your favorite SL Raw kinky hair collection piece with a pearl barrette? You’ll get a timeless and classic look with this hair accessory paired with a kinky curly hair extension.


Hair clips are making a comeback

Clip your weave back for a cute behind the ear hairstyle, which also works to display your hair clips. You can add a little more fun to it and get a bedazzled clip that definitely stands out. One of the trends for fall 2020 is faux pearls and diamanté bedazzled hair accessories. So, add a little extra something to your hairstyle each day with a faux pearl hair clip.


Hair scrunchies are a staple

Goop Hair scrunchies

Yup, hair scrunchies of all colors and sizes are just the handy accessory to grab and fix up your hair, especially if you’re in a rush. With the many colors and styles available, you can have a different look every day of the week and keep your ponytail in check when the wind kicks up.

We recommend adding a giant scrunchie or two to your collection.


Scrunchie headband

Scrunchie headband

Here we combine two of our favorite things into one epic fall accessory. A scrunchie headband with a ruched grosgrain adds a bit more detail to the simple headbands. These are simply a cute hair accessory trend that is just perfect to pair with our hair extensions.

Which will be your go-to accessory for fall into winter?

Fall is often associated with frizzy hair. But with these hair accessories taking your hair game to another level, when will you have a bad hair day?

There are so many ways to spruce up kinky curly hair extensions for quick and trendy hairstyles for fall. So, ready to up your hair accessory game? Grab your favorite weave among our best hair extensions and start accessorizing.


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Yvette J Haughton

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