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7 Easy Hair Extensions to Put In Yourself (Best Weaves for Self-Installation)

Hair extensions have long been treasured for their ability to provide instant length, volume, and versatility. While a salon visit is often the go-to for achieving that perfect hairstyle, not everyone can afford the time or cost involved. Enter self-install hair extensions – the quick, convenient solution for achieving stunning results at home.

Whether you're preparing for a last-minute event or dealing with unexpected cancellations, having DIY hair extensions on hand can be a lifesaver. Here, we present our updated recommendations for the easiest hair extensions to install yourself in 2024, along with some tips and tricks to make the process smoother. 

 The Easiest Hair Extensions to Put in Yourself

1. U-Part Wigs

U-Part wigs offer a quick and easy way to achieve a new look in under 30 minutes. These wigs are designed with a U-shaped opening and secure clips, making them simple to attach to your natural hair without the need for sewing or gluing.

Installation Tips:

  • Leave out a similarly shaped section of hair in the middle of your head for a middle part, and on the sides.
  • Braid the rest of your hair flat, including a section around the leave-out area to clip in the extensions.
  • Use your natural hair to cover where the extension is added, and blend it with a flat iron if necessary. Always use a heat protectant.

Why Choose U-Part Wigs?

U-Part Wig is ideal for those experiencing minor hair thinning or loss in the crown area. It offers:

  • Quick Application: Achieve a stunning look in under 30 minutes.
  • No Sewing or Gluing: Secure clips provide a firm hold without damaging your natural hair.
  • Versatile Styling: Perfect for individuals with healthy hair perimeters but experiencing thinning or loss in the crown area. Ideal for minor Alopecia coverage.
  • Comfortable Fit: The breathable design ensures a secure and comfortable fit throughout the day.


“I was skeptical about U-Part wigs, but they’re so easy to install and blend perfectly with my natural hair. Highly recommend!” – Jasmine R.


Model Stroking Her Upart Hair Extensions


2. Clip-In Extensions

Clip-in extensions are a fast and versatile way to add volume, length, and even color to your hair. These extensions come with clips pre-attached to the base, allowing for easy installation.

Types of Clip-In Extensions:

a. Seamless Clip-In Hair Extensions
These feature a silicone base that lays flat against the scalp, providing a smooth, undetectable finish. They blend seamlessly with your natural hair for a flawless look.

    Why Choose Seamless Clip-In Hair Extensions?

    • Natural Look: Crafted from 100% virgin human hair, these extensions blend effortlessly with your natural hair.
    • Easy to Install: Simply clip them into place for instant volume and length.
    • Versatile Application: Add volume and length wherever desired.
    b. Clip-In Bangs
    Ideal for those who want to experiment with bangs without committing to a haircut. Available in both fringe and side-swept styles.
    • No Commitment: Perfect for those who want to try bangs without making a permanent change.
    • Versatility: Available in both fringe and side-swept styles to match your desired look.
    • Easy to Use: Simple clip-in installation allows you to change your hairstyle in minutes.


    Invisiluxe Clip In Hair Extensions


    “The seamless clip-ins are my favorite. They add volume without being noticeable, and I love that they’re made from 100% human hair.” – Emily T.


    c. Traditional Clip-in Hair Extensions
    Traditional clip-ins, also known as weft clip-ins, are attached to the base/root of the extension.
    • Easy Installation: Simply clip the hair extension pieces to your hair.
    • Quick Transformation: Get ready in less than 15 minutes.
    • Multiple Options: Available in various styles, including fringe and side-swept bangs.
    d. Toppers 

    Toppers are a fantastic clip-in solution for men and women experiencing hair loss at the top of their heads.

    • Targeted Coverage: Provides fullness and density to specific areas.
    • Simple Installation: Easily clip in and style as desired.
    • Versatile: Suitable for various hair types and textures.
      Model playing in her seamless clip in hair extensions


        3. Quick Weave

        Quick weaves hairstyles are an excellent alternative to sew-ins. This method uses bonding glue to attach weft hair onto a wig cap or directly onto the hair. While not the most protective style, it's a great option for a quick switch-up.

        Installation Tips:

        • Ensure your natural hair is braided flat or slicked back.
        • Apply a protective barrier before using bonding glue.
        • Use minimal glue to avoid potential damage.

        Benefits of Quick Weave:

        • Fast Installation: Achieve a new look in a fraction of the time compared to traditional sew-ins.
        • Versatility: Easily switch between different styles and textures.
        • Temporary Style: Ideal for those looking for a temporary change.


        Clip in ponytail attachment


        4. Ponytail Hair Extensions

        Ponytail extensions are a simple yet elegant way to enhance your look. Wrap-around ponytail extensions or clip-in ponytails can be installed in minutes, offering a polished finish.

        Installation Tips:

        • Secure your natural hair in a ponytail.
        • Attach the extension using the clip and wrap the extra hair piece around to hide the clip.
        • Style as desired – wear it high, low, or even as a bun.

        Why Choose Ponytail Hair Extensions?

        • Instant Glam: Perfect for creating a sleek, sophisticated look.
        • Easy to Use: No special skills required – just clip, wrap, and go.


        Manifesting Better hair Days Banner


        5. Fit 'N' Go Wigs

        Our Fit 'N' Go wigs are designed for those who want a hassle-free installation. These glueless wigs are perfect for quick styling without the need for glue or sewing.

        Why Choose Fit 'N' Go Wigs?

        • Quick and Easy: Install in minutes for a ready-to-go look.
        • Protective Styling: No glue required, reducing stress on your natural hair.

        Installation Tips:

        • Position the Fit 'N' Go wig to blend seamlessly behind your hairline.
        • Secure the wig using clips or sewn down, depending on your preference.
        • Style as desired for a polished look.


        “The Fit 'N' Go wig was a game-changer for me. I can style my hair in minutes and it looks like I just stepped out of the salon!” – Sarah M.


        6. Tape-ins (Intermediate)

        Tape-ins are pre-taped extensions that are either glued or taped together on either side of sections of your hair at a time. These are not as easy to install as they need glue and aligning the tape-ins with your roots. Plus, the take-down process needs glue remover. And of course, you have to remember that anything involving glue to the hair is potentially damaging if not done properly.


        Tape in hair extensions
        • Professional Installation: Requires glue or tape and precise alignment with your roots.
        • Secure Fit: Provides a long-lasting and secure hold.
        • Seamless Blend: Offers a natural and undetectable finish.

        Key Benefits:

        • Durability: These extensions can last up to 6-8 weeks before requiring reinstallation.
        • Natural Look: When properly installed, tape-ins lay flat against your scalp, making them look very natural.
        • Styling Versatility: You can style your hair in various ways, including updos and ponytails, without revealing the extensions.
        • Comfort: Lightweight tapes do not put excess strain on your natural hair, making them comfortable to wear.
        • Reusability: With proper care, tape-in extensions can be reapplied multiple times, making them a cost-effective option in the long run.

        The easier and safer alternative to the tape-in would be clip-ins as you won’t need to worry about gluing and precision placement. If you have the time, you could definitely try a tape-in extension. But if you prefer something quick and easy, go for the clip-in hair extensions.


        Model Wearing Kinkt Straight Fit 'N' Go Wig


        7. Sew-in Weaves (Advanced)

        As you get adept at installing your own weaves, you could consider doing your own sew-in. Not as quick as the other DIY hair install methods, but you can definitely do this one yourself as well. You’ll need to braid your hair into cornrows. Then using a hair needle and hair thread, attach weft bundles to your braided hair.

        • Durability and Security: Provides a long-lasting and secure hold, capable of withstanding daily activities without loosening.
        • Natural Appearance: Sew in with leave out allows some of your natural hair to be left out, creating a seamless blend with the extensions.
        • Styling Versatility: You can freely style your hair in various ways, including updos and ponytails, without worrying about exposing the extensions.
        • Hair Growth Promotion: Protective style that can promote natural hair growth by reducing daily manipulation and damage.
        • Customization: Offers the flexibility to customize the volume and length of your hair by adjusting the number and placement of the weft bundles.

        Key Benefits:

        • Longevity: Sew-in weaves can last up to 8-10 weeks, making them a durable option.
        • Natural Blend: The leave out technique ensures that your weave blends perfectly with your natural hair, giving a realistic look.
        • Styling Freedom: Allows for diverse hairstyles while maintaining the integrity of the weave.
        • Protection: Safeguards your natural hair from environmental damage and daily styling stress.
        • Personalization: Easily customize to achieve the desired hair length and density.

         Tips and Tricks for a Smoother Installation

        • Match Your Hair Type: Ensure the extensions match your hair’s texture and color for a seamless blend.
        • Pre-Wash Extensions: Wash your extensions before installation for better blending.
        • Use Heat Protectant: Always use a heat protectant when styling human hair extensions with heat tools.
        • Practice Makes Perfect: Take the time to practice installing your extensions to get comfortable with the process.
        • High-Quality Products: Invest in high-quality hair extensions for the best results.
        • Use Quality Tools: Invest in good-quality extension brushes, combs, and flat irons to ensure the best results.


        Embracing Sustainability and Trends

        The hair extension industry is evolving, with a growing focus on sustainability and environmentally friendly options. Look for brands that prioritize ethical sourcing and use sustainable materials. Not only will you look fabulous, but you'll also contribute to a greener planet.


        Aftercare and Maintenance

        Proper aftercare is essential for maintaining the longevity of your hair extensions and the health of your natural hair.

        • Gentle Washing: Use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.
        • Detangling: Gently detangle your extensions with a wide-tooth comb.
        • Storage: Store your extensions in a cool, dry place when not in use.
        • Regular Maintenance: Follow a consistent maintenance routine to keep your extensions looking their best.

        Recommended Products:

        • Sulfate-Free Shampoo: Preserves the quality of your extensions.
        • Leave-In Conditioner: Keeps your hair hydrated and smooth.
        • Heat Protectant Spray: Protects your hair from heat damage.


        Self-installing hair extensions has never been easier or more accessible. With the latest advancements in hair technology and a variety of options to choose from, you can achieve a stunning, professional look from the comfort of your home. Explore these new self-installation options and stay ahead of the trends in the hair extension industry.

        Ready to transform your look? Start your journey today with our top-rated self-install hair extensions. Share your experiences and join the conversation in the comments below!




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