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7 Stunning Haircut Trends for Women for 2023 (from bobs to layers)

We asked our Founder and Celebrity Hairstylist, LeAna McKnight, what her thoughts were on the haircuts that she expects to trend for 2023. 

She gave us these seven cuts and we went and did a little bit more research to see what the ladies are thinking. And what we found was that these cuts will indeed be trending for varying reasons. It’s the look, the feel, and the general excitement of big things to come in 2023.

So, here are the 7 of the most stunning haircuts that women are asking for in 2023.

And not to worry, we’ll tell you how you can achieve the same looks with a wig if you’re not quite ready to put scissors or clippers to your hair just yet (or don’t want to).


And as an extra guide to helping you decide which cut to get, check out our post on how to part your hair according to your face shape.)


The 7 Haircuts for Women for 2023


1. Shag Haircut with Curtain Bangs


A little messy looking if you want to. A lot cute every time. 

You’re going to see a lot more shag haircuts with curtain bangs in 2023. Created by razoring the hair, the shag haircut can give your look a lot of volume, layers, and texture. Add in the curtain bangs, and you take this look up a notch to hot. 

Not sure if a shag haircut with curtain bangs will fit you? Try clip-ins first, see how you like it, and then go ahead and cut. But even better, you can get a wig, do a shag cut and cut your curtain bangs and you won’t have to commit long-term with your own hair. So, you can instead just mix it up when you want to wear your hair in a bang.

If you’d like a longer shag haircut, a long wavy wig would be ideal. 


2. Textured Haircut (with a bob)


For a tousled and cute messy look, a textured haircut is what you’re looking for.

A textured haircut is essentially adding definition to the hair through separation, differing lengths, and layers. It’s a great way to make a classic bob haircut stand out. You can also add some interest points to your bob hairstyle with this textured haircut. 

You can either get a bob wig for this style or cut a longer wig to get the textured bob look.


3. Straight Collarbone Bob


If you want to go short but not too short, then the straight collarbone bob is a great haircut for a woman to choose.

Unlike the classic bob that sits above the shoulder, this haircut sits on your shoulders. It looks like a grown-out bob and allows you the flexibility of pulling your hair into a ponytail if you’d like. 

So, if you feel like 2023 is the time for a big chop, this cut is flirty, fun, and professional all in one. Or if you simply want to move from a long look to something new, take a chance on a collarbone bob. Plus, if your cheekbones are one of the features that you just love about that gorgeous face of yours, you’ll want to try the straight collarbone bob. The non-circular shape of this bob cut perfectly balances out a rounder face. 




Or, if you only want to feature this look once in a while, you can get away with that with a bob natural hair wig. You can also refresh your older full-length wigs and give them new life with this bob cut. 


4. Collarbone Razored Bob


A bob cut doesn’t have to bring to mind business, boring, and sharp looks. 

If you decide on a bob but don’t want the straight look, you can soften it with a collarbone razored feathered bob. You can further soften the look with curtain bangs. The razored layers and the subtle graduated hair cut creates the illusion of more texture to the hair. 

A collarbone razored feathered bob gives you that perfect get-up-and-go look for us busy ladies who want a chic finished look without a lot of work. But it’s also versatile as you can style it with pin curls or beach waves. 

As one of the easiest ways to freshen up your look, it’s no wonder this haircut made the list for 2023 from our Founder.


5. Layered Cut with Highlights


Not ready for a short look but want to change up your style a bit? 

Then the layered cut with highlights is an ideal option for you. Another 2023 trendy haircut that we see on the horizon features long, medium, and even shoulder-length layered cuts with highlights. With dimensional highlights, your stylist can control how and where the highlights appear for a multi-layered look that enhances the layered cut of the tresses. The softer and longer layered cut also gives you more volume and texture. 


If you’d prefer to wear a wig with this look, then make sure to get a 100% human hair wig of high quality that you can color, cut, and style without shedding or damage to the hair. Or you can choose a wig that’s already highlighted, so you won’t need to go through the bleaching and dying process. 


6. Medium-length Haircut with Shaggy Layers


For our thicker-haired ladies, your trendy haircut for 2023 looks like the medium-length haircut with shaggy layers. 

There are quite a few variations on the medium shag haircut. But however you choose to cut it, it’s certainly a distinctive style to make the 2023 trendy haircut list. 

For a medium-length style, you’ll get natural-looking layers with volume. And you’ll just need your curling iron and heat protectant spray to create beach waves that’ll keep it styled for a few days. 


If you’re going for a medium layered look using a wig, make sure it’s a wig with 150% density and higher. This allows the layers to be subtle, improve movement, and reduce how much styling you need to do.


7. Blunt Bob Haircut


And rounding out our 7 trendy haircuts for 2023 is another short-hair-don’t-care bob – the blunt bob.

This is the ultimate low-maintenance bob with its choppy and blunt façade that makes it easy to just jump out of bed and go. 

One of the shorter bob haircuts we’ve featured in today’s post, it does not have any form of layers. Hence, blunt. It’s a sleek look that suits a variety of facial shapes, including women with square, heart-shaped or oval faces. 

And of, course, you can achieve this same look with a wig. Spring for a natural hair wig. You can choose to either get a bob or cut a longer-length wig to a bob. If cutting, the hair quality must be good to ensure you get the style just right.


Which haircut are you looking forward to this year?

So, yes, bob cuts are still in style for 2023. Layers are going to feature prominently. And you’ll be seeing a few bangs.

The good thing is if you’re not ready to commit to a haircut, you can achieve any of these looks with a wig from the SL Raw Human Wigs Collection. 



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Yvette J Haughton

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With so many things in my life happening at once, I feel like now’s the time to change the way I look as a sign of opening up to new possibilities. Thanks for letting me know that the layered cut with highlights is the best choice for you in such a case. It’s great you shared that you predict that long, medium, and even shoulder-length layered cuts with highlights will be popular in 2023. I needed this.
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