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SL Raw Virgin Hair

Yoncé - Multidimensional Textured Straight Wig

Yoncé - Multidimensional Textured Straight Wig

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Unleash your inner diva with the exquisite Beyoncé-Inspired Textured Straight Fit 'N' Go Wig, meticulously crafted for the queen in you. This opulent glueless wig flawlessly blends dark, rich brown hues with vibrant blonde highlights, creating a multidimensional masterpiece that captures the essence of sun-kissed light. Designed to echo the allure of Beyoncé's iconic hairstyles, it elevates your beauty game to celebrity status. Standing at a glamorous 18 inches, our textured straight hair weave is carefully selected from 100% Brazilian human hair, offering you the texture of blown-out natural 4-type hair.

Imagine a wig that not only mirrors the bounce and volume of your natural hair but also allows you to style it with the versatility of wand curls, or satin rollers, without worrying about low density or authenticity - that's the magic of our Beyoncé-Inspired Textured Straight Fit 'N' Go Wig. This masterpiece took over 20 hours of dedicated coloring by "Celebrity Hairstylist LeAna Mcknight" to achieve its unique color blend and texture, ensuring every strand aligns with our promise of excellence. The practical 7X7 lace parting and single flat knots offer a natural, seamless transition when placed behind your hairline, making it almost impossible to distinguish from your real hair.

With a cap size available in Medium (56cm circumference), adjustable straps, and secure combs, this glueless wig ensures a comfortable, snug fit for every head shape. The 150% hair density delivers an enviable fullness, enabling effortless styling options, be it a sleek straight look or bouncy curls.

This is the transformation you’ve been longing for – a protective styling solution that doesn’t compromise on looks or comfort, ideal for women experiencing alopecia or those seeking to preserve their natural hair health. Rediscover your style, embody your favorite icon, and turn every day into a runway with our handcrafted, ready-to-wear creation.

Note: Our Yoncé wig is sold as is, and comes ready to ship. The knots can be bleached for an even more natural look.



• Wig Name: Yoncé

• Capesize: Medium, offering 22" circumferences (56cm), ensures a comfortable fit.

• Hair: 100% Brazilian Human Hair

• Color: Rich dark brown hues + blonde highlights

• Length: 18 inches (Hair has been cut into layers)

• Hair density: Very Full with 150% density

• Parting: Lace top parting 7X7 for versatile styling options

• Construction: Ventilated, Adjustable, and equipped with combs for a secure fit

• Durability: Lasts up to 3 years with proper care

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Care Instructions

This hairpiece should be removed from your head every night and stored on a foam wig block for safekeeping. Shampoo and condition the unit twice a month with sulfate-free shampoos. Place the hair under a hood dryer for 1 hour and 30 minutes, then style it as usual. To preserve the quality of your hair wig, use heat protectants and hair serums. When using a heated iron, keep the temperature at 395°F or less.

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