As a naturalista sometimes you want to try a new hairstyle, but you need more hair length, more volume or even less of it all. This is where hair extensions come in. You can add a few pieces here and there to elongate your hair, add volume or even to make a wig to try a new style. However, as natural it is, it's still hard to find hair extensions that match your curl type. Your hair is kinky, coily or curly and not necessarily straight or wavy like most of them sold in the world.


So, there are extensions curated for our naturally kinky afro hair. This is great for us because we can finally experiment with different looks instead of waiting for your curls to grow out. Or, cutting off all your hair. In addition, they give us a new look without committing full time to maintaining the hair. SL Raw Virgin Hair sells natural extensions that will fit your budget, needs and taste.

They have heard our cry and are selling hair extensions for our natural hair. The hair is 100% Raw Virgin Kinky hair. And as such, no preservatives, additives or chemicals are in it, unlike other brands. In addition, you can purchase the closure and the hair if you decide to make a wig. As well as, the hair can be cut and/or colored to meet your needs. There are two options are:



Beautiful woman wearing kinky curly hair with blonde tips. SL Raw virgin human hair extensions


If you want curly hair that’s soft without any tangles, then this is perfect for you.
The tighter coils will give you the definition and volume that comes with rocking a wash and go if your hair falls within the 4a to 4c hair range. In addition, the curl pattern is consistent throughout the length of the hair. After wearing this, you will get thousands of compliments of how people like your hair when it really isn’t “yours”.  If you want to do a full wig, then we recommend purchasing 8oz.




Black wearing kinky blow out hair extension in bathing suit outside. SL RAw virgin hair



As the name suggests, it represents your natural hair in a blown-out state.

This is usually voluminous and semi-straight from root to tips. In addition, you can even straighten it if you want a sleeker look. As well as, add curls to the ends to give the hair a little “oomph”. The bundles are 3.0 to 3.5 oz, that means you will only need TWO (as opposed to three) bundles to do your entire head.



Side by side picture of kinky blown out hair extensions showing one side flat ironed and the other texture hair bundle


How to Maintain:

Similarly, to caring for your natural hair caring for the extensions are the same as well. Ensure to cleanse and condition when necessary. As well as, do not oversaturate with products that will weigh the hair down and cause build-up. And finally, do not colour if you are not a professional. When you care for the hair, it can last up to 2 years.


So, head on over to our storefront SL Raw Virgin Hair to buy today! And don’t forget to leave a comment to let us and others know just how amazing our hair is.


Written by Ashley Northover

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