What are Micro Hair Links and the Benefits that come with it?

There is plenty of services, treatments, and approaches when it comes to improving the look of the hair. Adding hair extensions is something that many women find comforting and unique way to deal with their hair problems. Some look for them to help their natural hair grow and make it stronger. Some seek volume and thickness, some only want length but overall, it all comes down to improving the overall beauty of an individual.


Switching from one look to another, quick and easy, that is not permanent can be done with installing hair extensions. The hair industry is always developing and working towards improving the entire process of hair extension and introducing innovation. In the latest hair trends, micro hair links are dominating the hair extensions demands, and here is everything you need to know about it:


What are micro link extensions?

The trend of micro link extensions is also known as loop hair extensions and cold fusion method. It has an innovative approach in the application of hair extensions that have caught the eyes of many hair professionals. What makes the micro hair links unique and interesting, are the micro links that look like small beads which serve as links that connect the hair extension to your real hair.


What is the process of their installment?


The micro links are extra small and are applied on your natural hair, strand by strand, with a special application tool. They are the connection between the natural hair and the extensions. What is good and unique about this technique is that the hair does not have to be braided down before the application of the extensions. There is also no use of glue or thread.


How to Micro link on natural curly hair using micro bead and pliers


What are the benefits of installing micro hair links?


Natural Look

The final look after installing the micro link hair extensions is natural-looking hair – something that is very hard to achieve with many different types of hair extension applications. Their beauty comes from the appearance they provide when combined with the natural hair. The tiny strands and the tiny links are almost invisible and they can start as high as the roots. They can last from 3 to 5 months, which certainly depends on your hair growth cycle and how you care for your hair.






A healthy and safe option

 Since the micro hair links do not require the use of any glue, hair tape, heat, or any other harsh ingredients or chemicals, they are the healthiest and safest option for your hair. However, never do them by yourself – always seek help or consult us SL Raw Virgin Hair. We will be more than glad to help out!


Different looks

Micro hair link extensions open various options of styling your hair. The straight ones can easily be turned into some seductive curls or waves, or easily straightened up. The quality of the micro link hair extensions allows playing with length, color, and texture which is very good for those who get bored with only one look.

Our suggestion

If you have set your mind on micro hair extension links then we suggest you go with 100% Curly I-tip micro links. The beauty of these extensions comes from the very best combination of Virgin hair and micro links process. They look so natural and real that no one will notice them and you will feel them like your hair. The hair can be colored to suit your hair color.


For more options on how to improve the look of your hair, head to SL Raw Virgin Hair and take a look from our palette of products.



Written by Maja Krdzic

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