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DIY Guide: Create Your Own Clip-In Hair Extensions at Home (Step-by-Step)

Jan 18, 2024 SL Raw Virgin Hair

DIY clip-in hair extensions is quite easy once you know the tools and process. Here’s our step-by-step process to make gorgeous clip-in hair extensions every time.

The Essential Guide to Embracing the Classic Elegance of Salt N Pepper Hair Extensions"

Jan 17, 2024 SL Raw Virgin Hair

Explore the beauty of natural gray hair in our latest blog post. Discover the ongoing trend, our seamless transition solution, and a guide on blending salt and pepper extensions for a unique look. 

Unwrap Beauty: Holiday Giveaway by Lashify X SL Raw Virgin Hair!

Dec 15, 2023 SL Raw Virgin Hair

Holiday glamour with Lashify X SL Raw Virgin Hair's Holiday Giveaway! Get ready to win beauty essentials worth $550 and add that extra sparkle to your holiday season.

Why Hair Extensions: The Ultimate Guide for Trendsetters

Dec 06, 2023 SL Raw Virgin Hair

Explore the versatility of hair extensions in our comprehensive guide. Discover the different types and benefits, with focus on I-tip extensions - a lightweight, customizable, and reusable solution for diverse hair needs.

6 Easy Hair Extensions to Put In Yourself (Best Weaves for Self-Installation)

Dec 01, 2023 SL Raw Virgin Hair

Here are our top 6 easy hair extensions you can put in yourself.

Discover the Natural-Looking Wigs Revolution: Introducing Fit 'N' Go Wigs

Nov 23, 2023 SL Raw Virgin Hair

Unveiling natural-looking wigs designed specifically for women with salt-and-pepper hair to DIY hair extensions, we've got your beauty needs covered.

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DIY Custom hand made hair clip in. Watch Tutorial Video

DIY Guide: Create Your Own Clip-In Hair Extensions at Home (Step-by-Step)

Women prepping for hair weaving service. Sew-in weave blog on what hair method

Sew-in weaves versus micro-links. Which hair extension method is better?

Influencer Dora Owusu

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Why Raw Hair Extensions: 10 Reasons to try Hair Extensions 

Ladies love their hair extensions for adding texture, length, and volume. Extensions are essentially their BFFs. But why do women wear hair extensions? Here are 10 reasons why we wear weaves and why they’ll forever be our BFFs.

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