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20 Easy Prom Hairstyles to Replicate

May 03, 2024 SL Raw Virgin Hair

From the timeless French twist to the playful bubble ponytail, we've gathered the most stunning and easy-to-achieve hairstyles for every hair type. Complete with expert product recommendations.

Beyoncé's Mane Agenda: The Power of Protective Styling and Sew-In Extensions

Apr 24, 2024 SL Raw Virgin Hair

Discover the secrets of Beyoncé's stunning hair transformation, highlighting her commitment to protective styling, use of hair extensions, and tips for maintaining healthy, flawless hair.  

The Essential Guide to Healthy Lace Frontal Installations: Say Goodbye to Moldy Caps

Apr 01, 2024 SL Raw Virgin Hair

Learn about the risks of fungi growth with lace frontal installations and how to protect your scalp health. Expert tips for safe hair extensions.

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DIY Custom hand made hair clip in. Watch Tutorial Video

DIY Guide: Create Your Own Clip-In Hair Extensions at Home (Step-by-Step)

Women prepping for hair weaving service. Sew-in weave blog on what hair method

Sew-in weaves versus micro-links. Which hair extension method is better?

Influencer Dora Owusu

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Why Raw Hair Extensions: 10 Reasons to try Hair Extensions 

Ladies love their hair extensions for adding texture, length, and volume. Extensions are essentially their BFFs. But why do women wear hair extensions? Here are 10 reasons why we wear weaves and why they’ll forever be our BFFs.

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