The Ugly truth about hair from China

Look we all know that China has had the game on lock for years, but lets be honest a lot of us weave wearers weren't always 100% Satisfied.

When buying hair extensions from your local beauty supply store, Aliexpress, or eBay you just never know what your going to get., whether its hair with lice attached, horrible pop corn frito feet smell, eggs from a mama spider, clothes tag on the track, you purchased 24inch but you have more 16inch strands on one weft than you can count, red, blue, yellow threads in the hair, grey hairs, itchy hair, allergic reaction from chemicals, the list goes on....

It's time as weave wearers to care more where we invest our money when it comes to wearing hair extensions, the whole point is to protect our natural hair underneath while wearing hair extension, while looking good doing it!

I'm here to let you know that you have options and this is why i recommended Pure Raw Virgin Hair, you can get at They offer chemical free, unprocessed real human hair from actual donors, clean and wefted for a flawless install application.

Next time you decide to add that china hair to your shopping cart, ask yourself are you wanting to smell like pop corn feet this summer or Gucci Bamboo. You choose! LOL

Happy Shopping!


  • Posted by Amber W. on

    This is so true on so many levels! Had be LMAO on pop corn smell.

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