Wearing Your Extension Install for a Year? Are you doing the right thing

Wearing Your Extension Install for a Year? Are you doing the right thing

    How many of you have stretched your weave to the last thread, where it couldn’t hold on no longer? I personally haven’t, but I have plenty of clients and friends that have and I’m here to tell you ladies “You Need to Cut It”!

It’s no myth that women all over the world of all ethnicities are yearning for longer healthy hair and they are willing to try and do anything to get it. Well hunnie I’m here to tell you wearing that weave install/sew in for 8 months to 1 year is not the answer, just cause your Weave install can last up to a 1year or more doesn’t equate to your installation. Don’t worry!, your hopes for having  long luxurious hair is not over, in this post I’m going to share with you 4 great hair tips that I have used personally to grow all my clients hair past bra strap length. Okay! Now breathe.

Tip #1 In order to retain healthy long hair you must keep your hands out of it, I can’t express this enough. Your hair would love you so much more if you just leave it be.

Tip #2 Because I know you are hard headed and your not going to listen to tip #1 go ahead and purchase your  Raw Virgin Hair bundles because it’s time to get a weave. LOL! No, but really my clients are hard at listening, so I use sew in to retain my clients length and to keep them from over manipulating.

Tip #3 Before any weave installation it’s very important that you prepare your hair as it is going to braided up for awhile. First you want to get a deep cleanse, being sure to remove all dirt and products. Secondly, I suggest getting a deep penetrating mask some good products Mix chicks or Design Essentials condition treatments, let sit for 20-30min covered under the dryer and after proceed to rinse with cool water. Blow dry as usual. Lastly, you want to make sure you moisturize hair with a cream moisturizer, great product Camille Rose Curl love which can be found at Target.

Tip #4 Before you install your Virgin hair extensions, request that your hair professional give you a trim, removing all split ends. It makes no since to start a healthy hair journey with damaged ends.

Tip #5 Now that you have completed Tip 1-4  be sure to keep up with your weave maintenance, this should be done in salon once every 2 to 3 weeks or as suggested by hairstylist. You should only wear your weave install for 1.5-2 months then remove. Depending on your hair type you may be able to install another install in the same week or your professional will advise you on whenever you’re allowed to receive your next install. If you repeat these steps before every install your sure to receive results. Good Luck 






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