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  • Which is better virgin hair or raw hair? Get the Pros & Cons

    Here's a quick breakdown of the differences between these two types of hair so that you can make an informed decision.
  • The Best Way to Blend Hair Extensions with Short Hair

    How many times have you received beautiful new hair extensions, quickly installed them and then realized you have no idea how to make them look flawless. The hair perfectly matches your texture & you’ve followed your favorite Youtube Guru’s advice down to the T - but its still not happening! ...
  • Is your hair suitable for your Work Space?

    Although many work environments encourage creative and fashion forward hairstyles, some jobs still require a conservative appearance.  Regardless if you wear your hair straight, curly, natural, braided, or in an afro, you can be sure that your hairstyle is work appropriate if you can answer yes to the following questions: