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  • The Best Products for Curly Hair Extensions (Celebrating Black-Owned Businesses)

    Now that you’ve gotten your weaves, textured hair, and raw hair bundles, it’s time to learn how to care them. Caring for curly hair extensions starts with having the right hair products. Caring for curly hair extensions is like caring for your natural or textured hair. You need to: Shampoo ...
  • Wearing Your Extension Install for a Year? Are you doing the right thing

    It’s no myth that women all over the world of all ethnicities are yearning for longer healthy hair and they are willing to try and do anything to get it. Well hunnie I’m here to tell you wearing that weave install/sew in for 8 months to 1year is not the answer, just cause your SL Raw Virgin Hair can last up to a 1year or more doesn’t equate to your installation. Don’t worry!, your hopes for having  long luxurious hair is not over, in this post I’m going to share with you 4 great hair tips that I have used personally to grow all my clients hair past bra strap length. Okay! Now breathe.