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  • 7 ways to get heatless curls "Natural hair tips"

    Worried about heat and want to get luscious curls without applying heat? Here are 7 ways to get heatless curls that stay bouncy and defined.
  • How to create everlasting eye-catching curls

    As a natural hair person, you know that those luscious bouncy curls your after can fall flat even after a few hours of putting in the work. But … when they behave just right, you’ll have silky, bouncy curls all day long. On a bad day? It’ll be flat as a pancake. If you’d like to make those silky ...
  • How to preserve your hair extensions at night (Beauty Hack)

    Preserving your hair extensions at night isn’t that difficult of a process. And when you do it right, you’ll have your hair extensions lasting as long as you’d like them too.  Plus, you can get up and go without worrying about damaging your extensions, and you can wake up with soft, tangle-free h...