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  • Hair Extensions 101: How to Use Curly Hair Extensions

    As a brand that recently won the Best in Black Beauty Award by Essence for our kinky curly I-tips extensions, it’s safe to safe we know a thing or two about curly hair extensions.  But we’ve seen a few questionable recommendations online when it comes to using curly hair extensions. And answers t...
  • How to pick the perfect curly hair extensions this summer

    Is there a secret to determining which curly extensions are ideal for you this summer? There is, and we're ready to spill the beans.
  • 6 Popular Long Braided Hairstyles Using Hair Extensions

    The New Year is here, and we may need some protective hairstyles to help keep our natural hair under wraps. If that’s you, well, we’ve got you. Here are 6 popular long braided hairstyles using the best hair extensions on the market. Many of these are timeless classics, and some are quick and simp...