Image of hair extensions removed with hair mold on weave cap

Lace Frontal Mildew in the Black Hair Community

Say it isn't so Ladies! I know this may come to a surprise to some of you, but word around the black hair community mild dew is amongst us! I guess your wondering how is it developing and what is the cause? Well continue to read as we unveil you with all the gory details.

It's NO secret that we all want the most realistic looking weave lace frontal install without having to damage our REAL hair, but how far will we go? Within the last year the new craze has been using Got 2B glue  and a nude dome cap to install lace frontals which will give you the flesh tone look through the lace you need in combination with bleaching the knots, making it look more real. Here's some examples, as seen done by popular hairstylists - Tokyo styles, Anthonycutz, Hairbybobby .. and YouTubers like - Glamzontay , Lovely Bryana , Charlion Patrice and the list goes on....

Have you ever wondered what happened to the quick weaves or now called Pronto weave? The same thing, young ladies scalps were so dry from suffocation their scalp and hair turned white, mold from blocking all the moisture, circulation and the dome cap not allowing the hair underneath to dry properly. Oh and we cant forget about the hair glue taking out the edges...SHeesh...! Well the lace frontal with Got 2B glue is no difference other than y'all switched the game up with a Hard Ass gel vs hair glue. However, the hair still suffocates underneath that dome cap with the frontal, it doesn't dry properly when washed and all the high alcohol content in the gel makes the hair so hard and dry that it can damage edges over a long period of uses.

My advice ladies, stop with the dome cap and gel! Find a salon professional who can install your premium virgin hair with just needle and thread OR you can always go back to traditional weave installations when you left hair out. If healthy protective styles is the goal then the dome cap is not the route you want to take. Remember these salon professional work day in and day out to render you the ultimate results, so book them for a weave maintenance and hair care up-keep, take out your weave install when instructed. 

If you're the one who likes the lace frontal and dome cap method, there is nothing wrong with that, but don't try to wear it for a full duration like a traditional sew in and be mindful of out door activities, and water sports or this can be you. Consult with your hair professional to see what's best for you.


We want to give thanks to Salon Professional Shemika Msdiva Lacey for providing us with that moldy cap photo of her recent client. Be sure to follow her instagram

Remember ladies you've been advised!


Happy Shopping 






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