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6 Popular Long Braided Hairstyles Using Hair Extensions

The New Year is here, and we may need some protective hairstyles to help keep our natural hair under wraps.

If that’s you, well, we’ve got you.

In this blog post, we will show you 6 popular long-braided hairstyles using the best hair extensions on the market.

We'll also include an easy-to-follow video tutorial.

So whether you're looking for a style to take you from day to night, or just need a little bit of extra length and volume, these styles have you covered.



Many of these cute braided hairstyles are timeless classics, and some are quick and simple to do but look gorgeous on black hair when you’re through.

They can all be done with either SL Raw kinky curly hair extensions , loose curly extensions or deep curly hair products. They will last at least several weeks without maintenance – just make sure you’re sleeping in your No-slip satin bonnet to help keep it looking fab.

Well we're going to jump right into it with the most popular Box braid style with a twist.


1. Box braids

Box braids with kinky curly hair

Box braids are one of the quickest styles to put in with our kinky curly hair extensions and loved by Black hair.

Simply section your hair into squares or triangles, cut the kinky curl from the weft and begin to create individual plaits. Preferred lengths range from mid-back to waist length with this style.

So be sure to get kinky curly wefts in a length that will compliment your braids.

The thickness of these cute braids (the sections) should be based on your black hair. So, if you have naturally thin hair, make your box braids smaller. If your hair is thick, go as big as you like.







2. Goddess braids

Goddess Braid with to boxer braids

They are just as majestic as the name suggests. Goddess Braids are a statement piece and the thicker, bolder version of regular braids or cornrows.

You can create a Goddess braided hairstyles for feed-in braids, regular cornrows, and more. You can do them up into a ponytail, leave them loose or create a braided updo.

In the picture above the artist decided to do two big goddess cornrow braids back into two loose curly plaits.

This is absolutely gorgeous.

This look can actually be achieved using only two bundles of our loose curly hair extensions.



3. Braided Ponytail

Classic braid ponytail look with curly hair. Great for the office

Another popular long cute braided hairstyle, the braided ponytail is quite versatile. It’s the classic ponytail look but with braids and can be worn from the home to office to going out. Say goodbye to boring Zoom call hair!






 4. Braided half-ponytail

Half up braided hairstyle with curly loose hair

This Black hairstyle works well with our deep curly hair extensions.

You can do a reverse French braid – two lovely half braids toward the back and secured in a ponytail or a half-down half-up feed-in braid. Different size French braids leading back to the end of the half ponytail gives a nice visual effect.

Then added extensions can create the length you want. The extension you choose can give you the curly hair look which most prefer, or a kinky curly look for more definition. For a look similar to this, you would only need two bundles, but for a more Va Va Voom then three bundles will do the trick.






5. Cornrow braids

Cornrow braided ponytail with curly hair weave

You can never go wrong with a cornrow long braided hairstyle. It requires the underhand braiding technique for you to get those neat raised braids in a row – the cornrows.

You can cornrow the hair all the way back or mix it with other long braided hairstyles like box braids at the back. You can go as long as you want – even but length with your cornrow braids.

For this look, it can be worn with any of our Curly Collection. One bundle is all you need for this easy braided ponytail.




6. Lemonade braids


Lemonade braids with kinky curly weave

Made popular by Beyonce’s look in her iconic album, Lemonade, this is a versatile, mini braided style.

Done best with kinky curly hair or deep curly hair extension, you can do your lemonade braids as updos, ponytails, or loose.

The important part of this hairstyle is the neatly sectioned hair made into even neater and close cornrows that go from left to right or vice versa – not straight back as do regular cornrow braids.

If you go for this look, then check out our post on 2020 fall accessories which would be perfect for a cute braided ponytail hairstyle.

Or if you’ve spotted your next long braided hairstyle look, then head on over to our kinky curly hair extensions or our deep curly hair extensions to shop for high quality-hair to do your next braids.



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